About us

Tamavan consulting Engineers Company was founded in 1992 by a group of professional specialists, and was certified by Management & Planning Organization of Iran.
It has been active in the following fields as one of the biggest consulting company in private sector:

  • Water Resources,
  • Dam Designing,
  • Geotechnic ,
  • Irrigation & Drainage Networks,
  • Water conveyance systems,
  • Water treatment plans,
  • Environmental Engineering.

More than 100 engineers and specialists are working as employees and cooperators in Tamavan team.
Most of the Tamavan employees are the members of Iranian national committee on Large Dams.
Main office is based in Tehran and several offices are located in different parts of Iran.
Tamavan has a library with large numbers of Reports, Maps, Books and Article and Magazines.
The latest soft wares are used in Tamavan, and we have a lot of hard wares in our system.
Tamavan has accomplished more than 42 projects and 33 projects are under investigation.

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